Posted: April 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

 RRI (Radio Republik Indonesia) is the largest radio network in Indonesia. This state-owned institution was founded on September 11, 1945. Its central studio and transmission  facilities are located in Jakarta and run by only a few peopple.  
As soon as the Dutch troops invaded the young Republic along with British Allied troops in November 1945, the war between the Allied Forces and the Indonesian Army broke out.
 During the war, RRI’s programmes had a very important rolein encouraging the Indonesian people to keep fighting against the Dutch. It was really an Invaluable contribution to Indonesian’s struggle for independence. No wonder that RRI studios were looked for and bombarded by the Dutch troops. However, it did not discourage the RRI crew. They moved from one place to another along with the Indonesian guerrilla units.  
RRI has more than 40 radio stations, with “Nusantara” coordinating more than 20 regional radio stations and other radio stations in the districts. RRI broadcasts 24 hours a day to give listeners more information and enjoyment.


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